Life In The Slow Lane

Life in the slow lane, could hitting the brakes and taking a moment help you?

Kalmeney P 

Slow is the new black.

Slow living places an emphasis on taking a pause from the rapid and sometimes dizzying pace of life and instead taking a more reflective and methodical approach to living.  

It’s about living in accordance with the important things in life. And more specifically, living in accordance with the important things in your life. There are no hard rules with slow living, it’s a freeform ideology that allows for us to take a breath and slow down; to appreciate where are now. It can be so hard, especially for us driven and goal chasing women, to let go from our busy schedules and really be present in the moment. To be able to comfortably pause between projects, errands and purchases to reflect on and enjoy what we experience in the clutches of the present. 

Slow living is about life. The living part, specifically. It’s about paying attention to it and spending time in the noticing. The holding of hands, the sunrises and unknowns. The love and the anger and the joy and the envy. We so often get distracted by our new goals and ambitions that we forget to appreciate what we’ve already achieved. This doesn’t mean quitting all our projects or taking weeks off at a time, it’s just about considering a pace that allows us to work more deeply and with purpose. 

At Deco De Mode we encourage all of our clients to enter our doors and pause.  

To slow down ,enjoy and pamper themselves. 




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