Nail Health, The Do's & Don'ts!

Kalmeney P. 

Our nails are often a good indicator of our general health. Your nails need energy to grow and if the energy isn't there then your nails are one of the first things to be affected.

So what should we do to keep our nails in optimum health? 

Your nails will love you if... 

- You practice good nail hygiene. Booking in for regular manicures with our lovely Nail Tech's can help keep you nails in tip top shape, when doing touch up's or at home mani's make sure you are using sharp clean scissors and clippers. 

- Use moisturiser. This will have such a huge impact on your nails, especially if you regularly wear Gel Polish or Hard Gel Nails. We recommend using cuticle oils twice daily (or as often as you can) as well as a great hand cream like Moroccanoil's Hand Cream , this cream will transform your nail & cuticle skin health.

- Try taking Biotin and Collagen supplements. Our clients love the collection of WithinUs TruMarine Collagen Products we have to offer and swear by it for nail growth.

- Give your nails a break. We do recommend our clients have a break from using gels and polishes on their nails.

Your nails will be unhappy if...

-You bite or pick your nails. All of these things can let bacteria get under your nail bed and cause infections, or dry out your nails further. 

-Use Your Nails as Tools: In a bind, you may be tempted to use their nails as tools. People use their nails regularly to open cans, rip paper or scrape food off a pan or pot. Using your nails as tools can cause breakage and cracking, not to mention the bacteria that is introduced underneath the nails and into the nail bed.

We have various manicures and pedicures, all designed with 'nail health' in mind. If you're concerned about your nails talk to your nail technician and we can recommend the treatment for you

For those who don't want to have polished nails and prefer a more natural look, we recommend you regularly have a manicure which will remove hard skin from the nail plate and tidy your cuticles, this will help your nails to look neater and healthier.