Say No to 'Maskne'

Say No to 'Maskne'

Kalmeney P. 

While a little acne is certainly worth it to keep yourself (and others) safe, there are ways to keep your skin protected too. Read on for the best ways to treat and prevent skin irritation from face masks.

Whether we’re required to wear masks on a daily basis or occasionally when on public transport, for most of us it’s not something we’re used to.

You’re not alone if you’re wondering what impact this will have on your skin – will it cause irritation, dryness or acne? 

Our Skin Care Specialists, share their top tips on how best to look after your skin and avoid breakouts during this time… 

Skin Care 

Wearing a mask or face cover means you might need to reapply lower face makeup more often, which can trap dirt and oil throughout the day. Effective two-step cleansing will be more important than ever, helping to enhance your skin and give it a healthy glow. 


Cleansing minimises congested skin and clogged pores, which can lead to inflammation, large pores, blackheads and a dull and uneven complexion. The right cleanser for your skin type will remove excess oil if present, gently exfoliate dead skin cells and debris, whilst leaving the skin barrier intact and not interfering with the water levels. The result? Leaving you with optimally clean, hydrated and glowing skin. 


Hydration is key. A quality hydrating product suitable for your skin type will be important to protect the skin barrier from the physical irritation from the mask. 


Ensure you’re reapplying SPF during these summer months, as the UV Rays are still high into the evening. 

Looking After Your Mask 

It’s especially important to keep the inside part of your mask clean, which is in contact with your skin. For day-to-day use – even if you are only wearing a mask on transport or as required indoors – remember it will trap dirt, oil and makeup. 

The best option are disposable masks, which can be changed frequently. This will minimise the irritation risk to your skin and prevent blemishes. 

What’s more, fabric masks or home-made face coverings need to be washed daily as they will trap dead skin cells, oil, dirt and makeup. 

Using a clean face covering, along with a consistent skin care routine will prevent breakouts and other more serious problems such as skin rashes or acne.

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