Self Care September

Self Care September

Kalmeney P 

This month we want to focus on SELF CARE. We stand for well being and our mission is to promote“wellness" a feeling created through self care. By experiencing life from a place of health and abundance and making room in your  life to continue to do so. 

What Is Self Care? 

Self care is a commitment to yourself — to nurture your mind, body and spirit. It involves intentionally engaging in behaviours and practices that promote your own well being. Self care means putting yourself on the list of beings that you take care of, and putting yourself at the top of that list — not at the exclusion of care for others but ensuring that you get as much as the other people do in your world.  

Taking your own well being into account as you evaluate choices is critical for many of us that tend to always put others first. Your well being isn’t your only priority, but by practicing self care it is your top priority — and that’s important. 

It is important to note that self care has to do with the intention behind your activities — self care comes from a place of love: it’s about feeling good, healthy, and self-confident and honouring yourself. It’s for pleasing you, not anyone else. 

Why is Self Care Important? 

The golden reason for self care can be summed up with this mantra: 

“I am my best me when I am taking care of myself” 

Self care sets you up to succeed in life. People who engage in good self care are more productive, satisfied and happier. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and is key to a balanced and fulfilled existence, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It helps cultivate a real, positive relationship with yourself, and because the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for all other relationships —including people, career, money and the environment — your self care becomes a foundation for a deeper, authentic connection with the world.

What Does Self Care Look Like To You?

From taking a couple hours out of the day to treat yourself to a pampering Manicure & Pedicure or relaxing with one of our Facial Treatments, to those ten minutes at night and in the morning on your skincare routine, no matter how little or large your rituals we are here to help you take the time out of your day to take care of YOU!.