"The New Normal"

Happy Monday Beauties!


What i've found so valuable during this pandemic is having the space for what really matters to come to light. Is the "new normal" just a life where we truly take care of ourselves and each other? Where we have space to be more mindful, more kind and more compassionate.


Where we stop rushing so much, take time for our self care, and nourish ourselves - more walks, more reading, more time with loved ones, more creativity, more cooking, more learning!

If that's the outcome of all of this, then , i think that's a silver lining.


We are so grateful to be open again, and it feels good to be back doing what we love.


We thank you for your continued support and encourage you to secure your bookings in advance.

Thank You

Stay Well, All our love

Anna Piloyan

and the team at Deco De Mode


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