Dear Deco De Mode Friends & Family


I want to take a moment to introduce myself — I’m Anna, the founder, owner and operator of Deco De Mode The Beauty Clinic.   Creating the atmosphere at Deco De Mode of beauty and wellness means so much more than just getting your nails, hair or brows done. It’s a small, but meaningful way to practice self-care for both your mind and your body. It’s the sanctuary of a special treat that you allow yourself to enjoy. It’s important to me that Deco De Mode offers a space that feels like home, so that clients can feel comfortable and be themselves while getting serviced quickly and efficiently.
While growing the Deco De Mode business for over 12 years I’ve always felt strongly about creating a positive salon-environment offering friendly ambience and quality work with a variety of services. The products and services we offer are safe for both our clients and employees and offer instant results.
In my younger years I watched my mom run high fashion boutiques and later I spent years working with women who love beauty and have succeeded in making it into their career. Continuing to grow over the years with my Deco team, we have been able to expand our spa and services and now offer classes through our Deco De Mode Beauty School and we are excited to also be working on Deco De Mode products soon to be announced.
I founded Deco De Mode on the values of individuality, beauty and most importantly wellness, which is what I continue to practice every day.
Deco De Mode is a community as shown through our incredible employees, beautiful clients and social followers who are all passionate about beauty and wellness as well, and have joined us in their own way on this incredible journey.
Piece of mind is just knowing that we all belong to the Deco  community; knowing that we do not have to sacrifice for this beauty because we have created options for everyone and because we encourage and support one another through self-care and self-love.
Thank you again, for joining the Deco community and for your continued support. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our services and/or products. I will share with you anything that I know and if I don’t know, we can learn together. Deco De Mode is for everyone! Thanks for helping me make my dreams come true.

With all the love,