This ClearLift Skin Tightening facial is ideal for those looking to smooth fine lines and wrinkles to achieve a more youthful appearance. It can take years off your appearance in minutes and provide results similar to intense chemical peels or laser resurfacing.

About the Treatment

In the ClearLift facial, short, powerful bursts of light reach under the skin's surface to stimulate collagen and break apart unwanted pigmentation. The laser energy is applied in a fractional pattern that doesn't damage the outer layer of the skin, making this super treatment virtually painless.

There is no downtime, and you see results faster than you would with other laser treatments. This facial is safe for all skin tones and types and can even be applied to sensitive areas, like hands, neck, décolletage, and around the eyes. Some mild skin tightening results are noticeable immediately after the treatment, while more dramatic results develop over the next few weeks as more collagen is produced.

For optimal results, we recommend three to four treatments spaced about three weeks apart.

ClearLift Skin Tightening Full Facial - $375 - 45 mins

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