MOXI is the new, easy way to “prejuvenate” your skin. Using a non-ablative fractional laser, MOXI delivers light into the skin to trigger a skin healing response for collagen and elastin production. Patients looking to maintain a youthful appearance and up their skin care routine, now have a new treatment that is gentle, comfortable, and quick.

About the Treatment

MOXI was developed for active individuals looking to correct the initial signs of sun damage and aging by fixing uneven pigmentation and improving the general tone and texture of the skin.

Taking under 15 minutes, this ideal lunch time treatment has little to no downtime and fits into an any lifestyle any time of the year. It’s safe for year-round treatments among all skin types, so everyone can brighten and refresh their skin. Improvements can be noticed after a single treatment.

Available at our Sidney location only

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How it works

MOXI delivers gentle micro-pulses or fractionated laser energy to the skin in order to create controlled damage to skin cells. The body’s natural response is to remove the damaged cells which contain pigment and other signs of aging, replacing the cells with fresh new cells, as well as expediting collagen and elastin production. The result is fresh, bright looking skin. This provides a very precise method for treatment that directly addresses skin issues for all skin types.  

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