Indulge in our beautiful downtown Victoria or Sidney locations nail spa. We use only the highest quality products and use scent-free gel nail builders whenever possible. Choose from our extensive menu from custom sculpted hard gel extensions, hand painted nail art, and top of the line manicures and pedicures.
Expert Technicians, Premium Products, and Scent-Free Gel Nail Options for a Relaxing Hand and Foot Renewal.

The Russian Manicure

At Deco De Mode, we specialize in the Russian Manicure, a unique treatment that stands out as our signature service. Unlike traditional manicures, our "dry" or "e-file" technique skips the soaking of nails in water, focusing instead on meticulous, very tight cuticle work. This precision ensures that the polish application is exceptionally close to the cuticle, giving your nails a crisp, refined look that remains fresh for weeks. Our skilled technicians are experts in delivering this detailed care, enhancing the natural beauty of your nails while ensuring the process is gentler than other manicure techniques. Not only does this method promote a dazzling appearance, but it also offers significant benefits for your nail health, thanks to its durable, long-lasting formula. Choose our Russian Gel Polish Manicure for a superior, lasting beauty experience that keeps your nails looking perfect for longer.

Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures & Pedicures

The Bare
Manicure: $40 / Pedicure: $75

A classic treatment for those of you who don't want too many frills and enjoy the au natural look with no polish. The Bare Manicure and Pedicure includes a herbal soak, cuticle and nail trim, and shaping by one of our talented nail technicians.

*Does not include gel or regular nail polish color, nor a gel polish removal, only an optional nail strengthener

The Deco De Mode
Manicure: $70-85/ Pedicure: $85-95

For a little more flare, upgrade your service with some polish! Our signature Deco De Mode manicure and pedicure includes all the works of the Bare services plus your choice of regular or gel polish. Our gel polish is the long-lasting gel polish that everyone is raving about. The best part about Gel – no drying time! We use leading LED technology to safely and quickly secure your polish - it isn't going anywhere!

*The price range accounts for the experience level of the technician.

The Spa
Manicure: $80 / Pedicure: $95

This service includes the bells and whistles included in the Deco De Mode manicure and pedicure, along with a relaxing massage, a sugar scrub (for pedicure only), and a paraffin treatment.

Express Gel Manicure & Pedicure
60 mins: $100

A treatment with our high performance gel polishes. You'll be in and out in only one hour! This service does not include the full treatment so it is not for once-a-year pedicure clients, it is intended for cuticle work and a long-lasting gel polish application only.

*Does not include gel polish removal. If you have gel polish on, please allow extra time and book accordingly.
**Does not include nail art. If you want art/french tip, please allow extra time and book accordingly.
***Not available for group bookings.

Sculpted Hard Nail Extensions

Gel extensions are Deco De Mode’s natural and durable alternative to acrylic nails. Our high quality extensions are applied over your natural nails and are ideal for those with soft or damaged nails, short nail beds, or for those looking to make a statement.

Experienced Nail Tech Hard Gel New Set
Hard Gel Fill/Hard Gel Fill Long Nails
Master Advanced Nail Tech Hard Gel New Set
Hard Gel Fill
Hard Gel Removal
Acrylic Removal
Sculpted Hard Nails Extensions
Pink and White Nails


From paraffin dips to hand-painted designs, our nail technicians are eager to create the perfect, customized look or treatment for your nails.

Nail Art
Long Nail Charge
French Style
Hard Gel Repair
Paraffin Dip
Gel Polish Removal

Recommended Products

Before and after care for all of our treatments is important. We offer products that ensure your treatments are effective and long-lasting.

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