Tattoo Removal in Victoria B.C

At Deco De Mode, we use the Alma Q-Switch laser for all of our tattoo removal procedures. In the past, tattoo removal was extremely painful and gave inconsistent results, however technology has come a long way in terms of providing safer and more effective ways to remove unwanted body artwork.

During the removal sessions, the laser emits high energy light pulses which break ink molecules up into tiny particles that can be more efficiently absorbed by your body's white blood cells and eliminated by your immune system.

The dye in the tattoo is the only thing targeted by the laser so there is little risk of damaging or scarring the skin during treatment. Many people notice that the most dramatic differences in the appearance of their tattoos occur after their first two sessions of treatment, while deeper pigment removal will likely require 8 or more sessions.

Generally speaking, the lighter and brighter a color is, the longer it takes to remove it. Tattoo removal can take several weeks, and varies from person to person as everyone's tattoos and end goals are different.


Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. We require a consultation to be able to give you an informed quote.  
Pricing varies between $100 (minimum) per session for something small to $750 (maximum) per session for something larger. 
Please call 250.380.6533 or use our handy dandy contact form to book your free consultation.


• Avoid sun exposure 3 three weeks before your appointment
• Avoid alcohol consumption 24 hours before your appointment
• Don't schedule your appointment while you are pregnant or nursing, if you have uncontrolled diabetes, or if there is an open lesion on the tattooed area
• Book in for a consultation in order to determine your candidacy for tattoo removal. Some medical conditions, such as autoimmune disease, diabetes or undiagnosed lesions require special medical permissions before we can treat you.


• Keep the treated area covered for up to 10 days after treatment, making sure to change the dressing daily.
• Apply an antibacterial ointment, like Polysporin, daily until the area has healed.
• Make sure to pre-book your next appointment and adhere to your treatment schedule in order to obtain the best results.
• Avoid any contact sports, public swimming areas, hot tubs and massages while the treated area is healing in order to reduce your risk of infection.


Q: What kind of tattoos can you remove?
A: We can remove professionally done tattoos as well as ones done by amateur artists. We can also help you with older cosmetic tattoos that are no longer "in style"

Q: What colors of ink can be treated?
A: We see really great results when treating blue, black, and red inks, but our laser also works on green and yellow ink. White ink is the most challenging to remove. Although excellent results are expected in most cases, each person reacts to the laser treatment differently and no guarantees can be given. 

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: The amount of treatments you'll need depends on the size, color and location of your tattoo, as well as your goals. We will be able to give you a more accurate treatment plan during your consultation. In most cases, between 4-8 sessions are required to obtain results.

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: There are minimal side effects to laser tattoo removal. However, the following factors should be considered when making a decision:
The tattoo removal site is at risk for infection. There is also the risk that the pigments may not be completely removed. Additionally, there is a slight chance that the treatment can leave you with a permanent scar, and/or hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

Q: Does tattoo removal hurt?
A: The short answer? Yes. However many clients describe the pain as tolerable and are able to resume their daily activities shortly after their procedure is done. Your skin does need to be free of lotions and oils in order to do the procedure, so, unfortunately, we are unable to apply any numbing creams beforehand, but we do have them available to apply afterward. And while we recommend you take a painkiller or anti-inflammatory medication before you arrive at the salon, it's advisable that you hold off on indulging in a shot of liquid courage.