Sylfirm X uses advanced dual-wave RF microneedling technology to target vascular and pigmented lesions. Treats pigmentation, melasma, rosacea, vascular lesions, acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks, and sagging skin.

How it works

Sylfirm X uses Regional Regeneration Radio Repeated Pulse (RP) microneedling to target and treat the abnormal vessels that can lead to melasma, rosacea, and other skin discolorations. With the help of many micro electrodes, an electromagnetic field of energy is created that can penetrate the dermal layer without damaging the tissue. Unlike conventional RF microneedling systems, SYLFIRM X has both continuous wave and pulsed wave functions, and is therefore capable of treating pigmented and vascular lesions such as melasma and diffusing redness, as well as skin rejuvenation and scarring.

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