Ditch the razor and get soft, silky skin with one of our hair removal treatments at one of Victoria’s most reputable beauty salons.
Unveil Your True Beauty: Smooth, Hair-Free Skin Awaits! Our waxing hair removal services will leave you feeling confident and flawless. Book your session now and embrace the beauty of bare skin.



At Deco De Mode, we use high-quality hard and strip waxes for exceptional hair removal. Single-use applicators and absolutely no double-dipping ensure top notch cleanliness. All waxing includes complimentary towelettes to freshen up before service and pre and post-waxing lotions to protect the skin. Our waxing specialists have extensive experience and practice the highest level of hygiene.

Other Hair Removal Options

Explore the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal among Other Hair Removal Options. When it comes to achieving long-lasting hair-free skin, consider the remarkable advantages of laser hair removal. While traditional methods like waxing, shaving, or using depilatory creams provide temporary relief, laser hair removal offers a more permanent and virtually painless solution. It's time to bid farewell to the inconvenience of constant upkeep and embrace the enduring results of laser hair removal.

Price List

Body Waxing

Half arm
Full arm
Half leg
Full leg
Full back

Face Waxing

Upper lip
Full face
Brow wax & tint

Combo Pricing

Brow and Upper lip
Brazilian and Brow
Full Leg and Brazilian


Threading is an ancient hair-removal process in which a pure, thin cotton thread is doubled and twisted, pulling out rows of hair with precision. It is typically used for the eyebrows but can be used to remove hair on your chin, upper lip, and other facial areas.

Full Face

Recommended Products

Before and after care for all of our treatments is important. We offer products that ensure your treatments are effective and long-lasting.

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